Cardboard Sorting And Baling

Once the cardboard boxes reach the recycling center, they will need to be sorted. This is done based on the type of cardboard, with the two popular types being boxboard and corrugated board. Identifying these two types of boxes is pretty straightforward. Boxboard boxes are usually small in size and non-coated. Examples of these would be food packaging such as cereal boxes and milk containers. Corrugated boxes are usually larger and they are often used as containers for boxboard boxes. For instance, a corrugated box would be used to store a collection of cereal boxes. Corrugated boxes are coated since they will be occasionally exposed to the elements of weather and need to withstand those factors.

After the sorting is done, they are then baled. For this purpose, machines such as a cardboard baler are used to ensure that the boxes are compressed into compact bales that are easy to handle.