Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling and Baling Experts

A dedicated cardboard recycling service helps save you money on waste management by removing the cardboard from general waste streams and reducing waste going into landfill.

When you dispose of your cardboard waste, they are turned into new cardboard products. Recycled cardboard can be used to make packaging, industrial paper, insulations, kitty litter and moulded cartons for eggs and fruit.

The benefits include:

Packaging waste recycling program:

Our packaging waste service is a great solution for businesses that deal with large amounts of packaging. Place the selected packaging materials all in one bin and we will collect it for recycling.

The frequency of service:

We work with you to organise the frequency of your cardboard waste collection to suit your business needs. We can do cardboard waste pickups weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as you need us.

Cardboard recycling process

Most cardboards are made from recycled paper and can be recycled multiple times. Baled paper and cardboard are collected separately and delivered to a recycling plant, where they are shredded and mixed with water at high speed to create paper fibres.

The pulp is passed through cleaning and screening equipment to remove plastic, dirt and staples and then heated to remove ink and glue. The pulp is usually treated with chemicals and heat to loosen the ink.

The cleaned pulp is diluted with water and mixed with smaller amounts of papermaking additives. The resulting paper is then turned into new paper and cardboard products like brand new boxes, egg cartons, newspapers and much more.

Cardboard Sorting And Baling

Once the cardboard boxes reach the recycling center, they will need to be sorted. This is done based on the type of cardboard, with the two popular types being boxboard and corrugated board. Identifying these two types of boxes is pretty straightforward. Boxboard boxes are usually small in size and non-coated. Examples of these would be food packaging such as cereal boxes and milk containers. Corrugated boxes are usually larger and they are often used as containers for boxboard boxes. For instance, a corrugated box would be used to store a collection of cereal boxes. Corrugated boxes are coated since they will be occasionally exposed to the elements of weather and need to withstand those factors.

After the sorting is done, they are then baled. For this purpose, machines such as a cardboard baler are used to ensure that the boxes are compressed into compact bales that are easy to handle.

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