Rebox Recycling is a plastic recycling and extrusion business, specialising in the manufacture and supply of high quality recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), packaged in either 25 kilogram bags or 1 ton bulk loads.

We have a large production capacity focus on recycling pre-consumer HDPE, LDPE and PP and post- consumer PP.

Rebox has invested in a multi-stage, high volume and specification washing and drying plant that is capable of processing huge volumes of dirty plastic, including scrap extracted from landfill sites. In addition to the tons of plastic that Rebox processes extracted from landfill sites, it also sources directly from waste-generating sites, such as commercial or industrial centres, and waste management companies. As such, it is one of very few recyclers capable of successfully cleaning and processing dirty post-consumer plastic in high volumes.

Polyprop (PP) Recycling

The PP pellets are manufactured from pre- and post-consumer plastic waste, viz. plastic that has already been used for its designated purpose and discarded as rubbish. Our post-consumer polyprop pellets are grey and black. We also process pre-consumer pellets in clear, white, blue, pink, purple and red.

Our clients include most of the largest plastic manufacturers in Gauteng, who use our PP pellets to make a vast array of plastic products including buckets, rakes, cups, plates, chairs, furniture pedestals, kiddies furniture, bowls, plant pots and all sorts of injection moulded items.

High Density (HDPE) Recycling

We recycle a range of colours of pristine first-generation HDPE pellets. They are available in green, blue, grey, white and black and suitable for injection moulding or certain film-blowing applications.

Various products are made from our products like closures and caps, bags, plates, animal tags and other injection moulded products.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Recycling

Our LDPE pellets are available in clear, smokey or mixed colour (dark grey). We purchase manufacturing scrap, off cuts, over-runs and any other clean LDPE film grade.

Examples of products manufactured from recycled LDPE pellets are black and other garbage bags, firewood and other clear plastic bags, plastic sheeting used to wrap furniture and appliances, and a variety of other non-food plastic bags and sheeting, certain types of light weight plastic irrigation piping, generally in combination with High Density Polyethylene.